Second Man Ministries was born from the singular desire to serve God by serving our fellow man. Our organization got its start in September 2016. We were just a small group of fellow church members with like hearts and minds to serve the homeless. We came to the realization that we could better serve the homeless community of Houston, more specifically, 3rd Ward by redirecting our tithes and offerings directly to the actual work of the ministry and not overhead. For more than four years, The Father has worked in and through us to bring the message of hope to the hopeless at our own out of pocket expense. When we committed to serve every first Saturday of the month, we had no idea how this would evolve into a legitimate and transparent 501c3. Over the years, the reason for our commitment has remained the same. We are in this for outcome and not income. We want to see people be saved by the precious blood of Jesus and end the cycle of chronic, transitional and episodic homelessness.